Cutting Copperclad

For discussion of the issues faced when building a model or layout - how to replicate wood, what glues to use, exactly how much weathering can a Gnat take, a good source of detailing accessories - you get the picture, I'm sure.

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Cutting Copperclad

Postby Korschtal » Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:56 pm

Never having built a layout with two boards before I'm grappling with the issue of baseboard joins. From what I can see a big strip of copperclad silicon with track soldered to it is the way to go.
So I get the silicon, I'm ready to go and it suddenly occurs to me I can't see how to cut the stuff neatly so the two pieces I've got become at least six pieces I can use.
How do you do that? Minidrill cutter?
Andy in Stuttgart
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Trevor Coburn
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Postby Trevor Coburn » Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:10 pm

Yes Andy you can use the saw attachment in the mini-drill. Or use a standard "junior" hacksaw..

Two things to remember, the dust can be a problem, and if it has copper on both sides dont forget to cut insulating gap underneath as well! (dont ask me how I know :oops: )
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Postby PeterH » Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:38 pm

I have also cut 1 mm thick board by scratching a deep scribe and snapping it across a sharp edge. It is quite strong - maybe put a bit of wood on it and hit it with a hammer.

However you cut it the edge is rough; you can sand it smooth.

I don't think it has silicon in the middle - I have seen board with a dark plastic or with fiberglass (light green). Fiberglass is stronger.

Note that the glue that bonds the copper to the middle will come unstuck if you apply too much heat and that you can tear the rail off if you pull hard.

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Postby Arthur Inch » Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:35 pm

Hi Andy,

I have some lenghts of this, easily cut with a pair of pliers.


So if your still stuck in your quest?, PM me your address and lengths you require and I'll pop them in a jiffy bag to you.

If anyone else is looking for a supplier for copper clad sleeper strip.....

Marcway PCB Sleepers Strip All in 6m Packs
Standard Glass F
12mm wide x 1.6mm thick 1/16" (G& 16mm scales) £10.50
9mm wide x 1.6mm thick 1/16" (Gauge 1 & SM32) £8.95 £9.75
7mm wide x 1.6mm thick 1/16" (O gauge) £7.75
6mm wide x 1.6mm thick 1/16" (O gauge stsndard/fine) £7.25 £7.75
5mm wide x 1.6mm thick 1/16" (O gauge USA & o - 16.5) £7.25 £7.75
4mm wide x 1.6mm thick 1/16" (OO & LM) £6.00 £6.50
3mm wide x 1.6mm thick 1/16" (OO/HO.TT.HOm) £6.00 £6.50
2mm wide x 1.6mm thick 1/16" (N gauge) £5.50
2.3mm wide x 1.6mm thick 1/16" (HO American) £6.50
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Postby Larry » Sun Dec 26, 2010 5:11 pm

I cut board in the 1 mm range with an ordinary knife blade paper shears.

Single sided clad allows you to cut slightly thicker board.

It comes out with a slight curl, but that is easily teased back straight.

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