New members and how to join in [UPDATED]

Advice for newcomers (how to join in, etc.)

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New members and how to join in [UPDATED]

Postby Emrys » Sun Sep 10, 2006 9:50 am

Updated January 2014

*** If, after registering - having followed the instructions below - you've not received the "Welcome" email withing 24 hours, please try to log in anyway. The "Welcome" emails seem to have an intermittent problem and don't always get sent. I've no idea why, sorry. ***

New registrations

One of the ongoing battles that we have with the GnATTERbox is the sheer volume of Naughty People who seem keen to join and thereby leave a link to their Naughty Websites.

There are two types of Naughty People:
  • Humans
  • Robots
There's an easy way to get rid of the robots - when you're registering you have to enter an authorisation code. This code is found in the photo:
and you just have to type the magic word into the appropriate box in the registration form. Being stupid, robots can't do this because they can't find the code. If you've got images switched off for some reason or the photograph isn't showing above, the code is THECATSATONTHEBOX (no spaces) - I can put that here because the bots won't know to look here for the code.

Unfortunately, one of the security measures introduced after a Naughty Person hacked the site prevents the authorisation code message from appearing on the registration page (it's the input box underneath the password and currently shows ":*" as the prompt - which, I admit, isn't very helpful). Enter THECATSATONTHEBOX here and all will be well.

This leaves the human Naughty People.

While some of these Naughty People are easy to spot (they're not the sharpest modelling tools on the workbench and their website URLs are obviously not those of decent modellers), some just register and wait to be activated before coming back to add their Naughty Links.

It's a lot easier to recognise real modellers if they complete as much of the registration form - especially the bit about interests. If you're going to join in (and I really hope you do) please either fill in some of the background info or send me an email asking for your account to be activated (quoting the user name you've chosen). If I don't hear from you within a week, the user will be deleted (sooner if it's "obviously" not a real modeller).

Certain combinations will be deleted immediately so if you're got a genuine interest, follow these rules:
  • Make sure there's something in the "Interests" section relevant to this forum - something like "Gn15" or "railway".
  • Please complete the Location box in your profile - not your full address, but give your approximate location would be appreciated - my Location box, for example, says "Norfolk, UK" because I don't want strange people turning up at my house unannounced!
  • Do NOT claim that, or is your website.
  • Do NOT choose a username that's unpronounceable - include vowels!
  • If your username isn't your (first) name, please put your real name in your signature
  • Make sure there's something in the "Interests" section relevant to this forum. Something like "Sir Arthur Heywood" or "Eaton Hall".
  • Do NOT list a website in Russia (.ru), Poland (.pl) or China (.cn). If your website is in one of these countries, wait until you've been accepted and then add the website to your profile.
  • Do NOT list a website URL which includes a question mark (?) or hash (#). I've yet to see a non-spam website which has either.
  • Do NOT try to register and quote a .biz or, ironically, .info website. must be the only non-spam .info website on the internet!
  • Make sure there's something in the "Interests" section relevant to this forum. Something like "Minimum gauge" or "narrow gauge".
  • Do NOT mention sex, sexual practices, sexual preferences or pharmaceuticals in your information, website or interests. Oh, and the abbreviation for pharmacy or pharmaceutical is "pharm", not "farm" you illiterate buffoons!
  • Do NOT register with an email address showing one country and a website indicating you're in a different country (I'm considering the top level domains .com, .org and .net as being across all countries, though, so don't worry if you've got a .com email address and a local website or vice versa). The most common combinations seem to be Spanish (.es) emails and Chinese (.cn) websites for some reason.
  • That said, don't bother trying to register if your email address is with,,,, or most other spammer-friendly webmail setups.
  • Make sure there's something in the "Interests" section relevant to this forum - just mention Gn15 - that'd be enough!
  • As far as I can tell, if your website name includes any of the following words or letter combinations you are a spammer and, therefore, persona non grata at this site: c42, hyip, buy, sell, insurance
I'm sorry if this comes across as if I'm getting paranoid but it's not you who has up to 100 spammers' applications to join the forum to delete every single day. If you're interested in taking on or helping out with this task, though, please let me know.

[Added January 2014] Be sure to take a look at the "A gNewcomer's guide to the GnATTERbox" post as there are some handy hints and tips which will hopefully help.


P.S. Make sure there's something in the "Interests" section relevant to this forum. Anything. Anything relevant at all.
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