A gNewcomer's guide to the GnATTERbox

Advice for newcomers (how to join in, etc.)

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A gNewcomer's guide to the GnATTERbox

Postby Emrys » Sun Sep 09, 2007 8:50 am

The tips have been suggested by members of the forum rather than just being any attempt to lay down rules:
  1. We're all friendly. Very friendly. Some would say overly friendly (especially the courts). Why not risk it anyway and say "Hello, I'm Bob*" in You really ought to gnow your who's wahoo. If you don't get a friendly response I'll eat my proverbial hat.
  2. Please fill in your profile. Only with information you're comfortable with other GnATTERboxers knowing, of course, but an approximate location can be helpful.
  3. Let us know who we are talking to. Strange, unusual or witty screen names are fine, but if you are going to use one, please include at least your first name in your signature. You will find we are a lot more comfortable responding to someone with a real name.
  4. Don't be afraid to ask even the most simplest or basic of questions! We won't bite, nor will we act as if the question is below our dignity to answer. We all had to learn, some things we learned/worked out years ago, other things we learned by asking a question today. If you don't feel comfortable asking a question in the "public" forum, then ask one of the regulars via PM, but don't be afraid to ask!
  5. Gn15 is the ideal scale/gauge combination to have fun in, please don't be afraid to dip your toes in the Gn15 waters.
  6. The search function (at the top of the screen) isn't brilliant but can sometimes come up trumps in the form of a long-forgotten post that has exactly the information you were hoping for. If in doubt, though, ask and someone (probably Steve Bennett) will point you in the right direction. What's more, others will then chip in with alternatives and/or updates. We're helpful like that.
  7. I hate those signs "You don't have to be mad to work here but it helps". However, in the case of this forum, it's certainly true. Rivet counters are severely outnumbered by the surrealists (and long may it continue so IMHO).
  8. Puns and wordplay abound, especially where the letter "n" can attract a "G". Forgive us or, even better, join in.
  9. You'll notice that people have medals. Just by joining you've got two medals, one of which you can upgrade almost immediately by following suggestion number 1!
  10. This is very much a "Work at your own pace" setting
  11. Thou shalt do thine own thing and let others join in
  12. "Show and Tell" is encouraged if one has the means
  13. "There are no Absolutes" is absolutely true!
  14. A lot of "Say, I like what you did there, will do similar except for ..." goes on
  15. The collective knowledge of this bunch of Railway Modeling Renegades is astonishing, both on and off the railway
  16. The collective and individual talent and imagination of this bunch of Railway Modeling Renegades is astonishing, both on and off the railway
  17. I gnow of gno better place in which to become better friends with folks one lives half-a-planet away, or even just down the road, from.
  18. Be on the lookout for diabolically bent senses of humour. If you see a post and think "He/She has got to be joking" the chances are that he/she is.
  19. Look to see if there's an area group near you. If so, get in touch and turn up at a meeting - they're universally fun. If not, ask whether there's anyone else in your area and start your own group. It only takes two of you to form a group (one at a pinch but meetings would be very odd and would defeat the purpose of "show and tell")
  20. Don't be afraid to join in even if you don't currently, actively, model Gn15 (or O9, or G9). People here seem to accept you anyway ... and we know you'll start building that layout any day now.
  21. Aside from misssplet worms, if you have a question ask it, if you have a statement say it, if you have a model show it!
  22. We run the length from new modelers to professionals so you will see everything and I have never heard anything but encouragement. Sometimes there are debates but they are from the heart and never worded in a way to put down anyone else's work. Some of us work as close to reality as possible (rivet counters), some of us are pretty whimsical and most are somewhere in the middle but we all appreciate each others work (and sometimes trade).
  23. So come in sit down HAVE FUN and that is a rule, just make some models, don`t spend all your time here this is the addictive part just so you know.
  24. Suggesting that someone deserves to be hit by a baseball/cricket bat or any other implement is not acceptable behaviour in a civilised environment. Not even as a joke. Offenders will be ... um ... well, whatever their punishment, they won't be hit by anything physical.

* unless your name isn't Bob, in which case say "Hello, I'm [your name here]"**
** The first person to post a message starting "Hello, I'm [your name here]" gets a 1 week ban. :-)
Emrys Hopkins

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