I wanna be an author!

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I wanna be an author!

Postby Emrys » Wed Sep 12, 2007 6:45 pm

You've been perusing the forum and, hopefully, joining in with the discussions.

You've noticed that some of the members have a medal with an "A" and after hovering your mouse over the medal you see the word "Author" pops up.

You, too, can have one of these medals. All you have to do is write an article for Gn15.info.

There are many different types of article you could write:

Real 15" Lines
Is there a 15" gauge railway near you? Why not write it up for the site? We have articles for the Driving Creek Railway and for Perrygrove in this category at the moment (and yes, I know I really should write something about the Bure Valley Railway ... but if someone else would like to do so first, free!)

Prototype Plans
If there's one thing that identifies it's a modeller it's the fact that he or she tends to build models, and how much more fun is it to build models of real 15" gauge locomotives or rolling stock? Take a look at the plans we already have in this category and dig out any plans you may have lying around your workbench.

The next time you're building something, why not take a series of step-by-step photographs? Once you've got these, I'm sure you can write a few words to tie them into an excellent project.

Model Showcase
Too late? Your model's already finished? No matter - submit it to the Model Showcase then! It only takes a photo or two and a few words ...

Trade Showcase
Maybe you've got something to sell (at a very reasonable price to GnATTERboxers, of course)? Tell us all about it in the Trade Showcase!

Layout Tour
Want to share more than just a model? How about a whole layout?! Take a look at the layouts we've already published and you'll see there are a whole range of article formats ... or why not invent a new format of your own? If you've already got a website to show off your layout why not let us generate some traffic for you with a short paragraph and a teaser photo?

Hints and Tips
Last but by no means least are the ever-popular Hints and Tips. As you can see these can cover a whole range of great ideas. Please share your techniques and add your wisdom to the collective pool of gnowledge!

Sharpen your pencils and charge those camera batteries - your audience awaits!
Emrys Hopkins

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