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Beginner's Guide to posting photos on this site

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 9:07 pm
by Glen A
This is a beginner's guide to how to get photos into your post.

In order to show photos in your post, you first need to upload the photos to a storage location on the internet.

You can do this by uploading to a section of this Gn15 site which Emrys has kindly made available for photo storage (thanks Emrys!). Or you can use any number of other sites like, (where you will need to register for your own account first - but it's FREE!).

Here are the simple steps to upload a photo to this site:
1. Go to
2. Enter your name and password
3. Click the browse button, and navigate to the location of the photo on your computer.
4. Click the Upload and Resize button. The photo gets uploaded (there, that was easy wasn't it!). Please note: the photo needs to be a smallish size to begin with. Don't try uploading a 10meg file!

Now you need to record the link to your photo so you can use it in your post.

Copy the line in the yellow box that starts with [img and finishes with /img].
Tip: Paste it into notepad or word on your computer so you can copy back into your post later.

Now go ahead and write your post. Where you want to display the photo, paste in that line (with the [img in it), and when you have submitted it you will find that the photo appears. It's all that easy!

Note: photos that get uploaded to my.gn15 can ONLY be used on posts on this site. They will not be able to be displayed on any other group (e.g. Yahoo etc).

They also take up space on Emrys server (which he has to pay for), so if you want to upload hundreds of them, or want to link them to another site then you are much better to sign up for that FREE account at

That should get you going.
If you want to know more about my.gn15 see:
And resizing photos see:

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 10:05 pm
by Glen A
Kevin wrote:Is it possible to add a permanant link to my photobucket albums to my Gnatterbox signature?

At the top of the screen is a Profile link.
Go in there and add the web address in the signature box of your profile.

posting photos

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 10:59 am
by ijopson
Would the instructions work with original photos scanned in? I have some 1950s Emett layout photos (forget the source and quality not brilliant) that could be of interest, but never tried posting anything like that before.

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 4:31 pm
by AndyA
Yep, the instructions will work with scanned photo's. Unless you already have a photobucket or similar account, or there are loads and loads of pictures, hte easiest way is in fact:

save your pictures as jpg images, preferably less than 600 pixels wide but Emrys's facility will do that for you. If you don't have the facility to save scanned images as .jpeg files, many of us, myself included, will be happy to help;

to go to then log in and courtesy of Emrys, get your pictures hosted by following the instructions;

cut the resulting code and paste it into a posting, probably on the Emmett thread, or start your own.

I look forward to seeing the pics.

Andy A

Photos lost!!!!!!!

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:03 pm
by Gerry Bullock
This post is certainly not meant to be morbid BUT we need to face the facts.
Recently the photos of David Nix, who sadly died this year, disappeared from his posts. A user of Photobucket (other providers are available who may well have similar conditions) his account went 'Inactive' after 90 days and he obviously cannot activate it.
All is not lost as one can still gain access to the account and Steve and myself will have re-instated the lost items shortly.
After ONE YEAR all will be lost as account is frozen.
We need to address this issue at some time otherwise significant threads will cease to be meaningful without the images.
The obvious answer is to use the route and store photos there. Emrys has already indicated elsewhere that this is not a problem.
However so to do means the photos cannot be posted elsewhere therefore many will wish to continue to use their existing storage provider.
We cannot cheat "Anno Domini" so in due course we will face the same problem when another Gnatterboxer goes to join those Celestial Railways.
As I see it the only solution, apart from aforementioned, is for a few Gnatterboxers to volunteer to trawl though a member's posts on their demise and resave them to the site.
Having already trawled through Modelling Matters for the VE section it's no mean task. I'm sure both Matt & Simon will echo that.
Looks like a case of "Use it of lose it" to coin a phrase.
Over to you for your thoughts.

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2009 7:43 am
by AndyA
Sadly, this is something that's going to happen more and more.

In my (luddite) case, stuff that is related to builds and suchlike is sourced from my apqw69 account (or occasionally from pd49) on pipex. General stuff just to illustrate a post is on All the material on my two major accounts will (if everything goes right) survive my demise in the same way that hopefully the large handful of lists will be informed: a group of us who share information about design and coding issues have cunning plans in place, largely because we had to rally round about ten years ago and help the widow of the first to fall, who had no idea which lists and sites were involved.

There will still be a problem, though, because the image urls will change. Emrys gave me a handy dandy search thingy when I was re-ordering the apqw site; this needs doing again and I can't find it any more, but it was really useful and might help others - for various reasons, not just the ultimate one.

Andy A

Re: Beginner's Guide to posting photos on this site

Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:03 pm
by stewartcristan
Yes, its helpful for beginners like me. Thank you...

Re: Beginner's Guide to posting photos on this site

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 6:12 am
by PeterH
... interest from two mobile-app-development-related posters ...