(F) GnatterBox photos, a Cookbook seven steps

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(F) GnatterBox photos, a Cookbook seven steps

Postby henrix72se » Sat May 28, 2011 6:38 pm

A friend of mine asked me how to add photos to a thread in GnatterBox. There is two already, but he needed one a bit more simplyfied...

So here it goes, 7 short steps on how to use photos in GnatterBox.

1) First you need to upload your photo. Since the gnatterbox forum does not have that built-in, you need to do that to another site. There is several places there you can do that, flickr, photobucket, image shack, etc. In this example we are using the seperate storage created just for the gnatterbox. Go to http://my.gn15.info/

2) Log in with your usual account and password you use for the gnatterbox.

3) Click on the "Choose File" button and do just that..

4) Click on the "Load and resize" button. If your picture is very large, it will be narrowed down automatically to the recomended maximum size.

5) When your done with your upload, you will see a list of photos you uploaded before (if any) and last your photo you just uploaded with yellow background. Next to it is a text saying something like:

Code: Select all

Image successfully uploaded.
To use this image in a Gnatterbox post use the following code:

Copy that last line including the [img]and[/img] tags. You do that by selecting that text with your mouse, right-click on your marked text and click "Copy". If this step fails for you, just memorize or write it down on a piece of paper instead.

6) Go to the gnatterbox and start a new thread.

7) In your text where you want your picture, press Ctrl+V or if above last step failed for you, just write manually ;

Code: Select all


Above is always the same, except the name of your picture (in this example pict5669m).

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the area for files is shared, you should consider adding a prefix to all of your pictures BEFORE you start upload them. By doing so, you will minimize the chance of getting a name already used by someone else. Don't worry, if that happens you will be instructed to change your name of the file, but maybe this happen on your last photo.. and all the previous are already uploaded. If you use a prefix not likely used by someone else, you will get all your pictures nicely collected in one group.

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