Colossus- recreating gigantic

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Colossus- recreating gigantic

Postby rough-shunter » Sun May 22, 2016 9:53 pm

Class 60 Project recreating “colossus” –The missing miniature link
A Small But dedicated group of engineers are presently working towards the New construction of a 15” gauge Bassett lowke class 60 pacific , the original having been cannibalised in the early 1920s to build the Ravenglass and Eskdale railways first river mite ( Articulated 4-6-0+0-6-4)
The Class 60 Was designed by Henry Greenly & Ernest W Twining using major components from the existing Class 30 Atlantic 4-4-2 tender locomotives, the sole member of the class being delivered to Capt. JEP Howey for use on his Private Railway at Staughton Manor near Northampton.
The project is very much in embryonic stages with some components being produced as and when time becomes available with some original drawings sourced and some archive photographs located as reference. Work is currently focusing on the tender and its bogies and the front leading bogie , some adjustment from the 1913 design has been required to allow the locomotive to be operated on the various 15 inch gauge railways that operate today in the 21st century without issue
Predominately a private project at present further information may become available in the future as to how others may be able to become involved once design work and the first major components are produced these being the tender chassis tank & locomotive leading bogie
Modern Manufacturing techniques will be used where possible and advice from the regulatory bodies has been sourced as a matter of course, experience in Building of a locomotive is drawn from the group being actively involved in the construction of one of the leading standard gauge New build steam locomotives presently under construction. (LMS-Patriot Project -building the Unknown warrior
We would be greatful if anyone whom is reading this article who has further information either photographic records or other reference material particularly during its operation at staughton manor.

NB- The project is not in any way associated with the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway or Ravenglass & eskdale preservation society and is a private enterprise with the aim of recreating the missing link between the early miniature railway locomotives of Bassett Lowke and what may be considered the pinnacle of locomotive development in the Romney Hythe& Dymchurch Pacific locomotives.

Contact details- 07773185342, email –
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