(F) Home-built Loco and small mine

Want to talk about Sir Arthur Heywood's 15" gauge railways? About modern day minimum gauge lines? Have you found a minimum gauge line you've not seen mentioned on the website? Want directions to one of the railways that is mentioned? Whatever your interest in real minimum gauge lines, post your questions (and answer other modellers' questions) here.

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Jim Snee
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(F) Home-built Loco and small mine

Postby Jim Snee » Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:06 pm

Here is a little "thingy" I found searching for grubenlok:


Anyone want to make sense of it?

I regard minimum guage as infinite - If anyone manages to build a man carrying train on 6.5mm track, then I'll try to model it in G-Scale!

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Interests: I likes anyfink wiv wheels, I duz. At the moment I am building a Narrow Gauge Layout, 1/32 scale on 16.5mm (0n16.5) track.

Postby MrPlantpot » Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:33 pm

I love the 'loco' with two different sizes of wheel, hauling two buckets, and the CZ-Jawa engine (2 Stroke), that has to be kick started, and somehow put into 2nd gear, to run the winch...

'Old Folk Wisdom', where would we be today without it? :shock:
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1:32 on 16·5mm track. Gnot strictly minimum gauge... but it is the minimum that I'm working with !
And now... a critter in 1/24th... from scratch!

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