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A Lister Transmogrification - 'Toby' to 'Ted'

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:17 pm
by Colin Peake
The Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway's Lister has been out of service for some time undergoing a protracted overhaul. At an early stage the decision was taken to remove the rotten, wooden 'Toby' GE tram outline body and replace it with a diesel-outline one. There has been a degree of chopping and changing of the new body during the build and the result is a twin-bonneted Lister! There is a fair amount of work to be completed, the chaps in the workshop were about to fit the cab roof whilst I was there:



Having had a sit in the cab it is certainly roomy, it will have rubber-grommeted windows and a sliding door on the far side. The tram style side skirts and cowcatchers will be refitted for a unique appearance!

The locomotive will be named 'Ted' once completed as a tribute to George Edward (Ted) Shaw, the owner's late father.