Good news and bad news

Where I come clean and explain what I've done (moving posts around and the like).

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Good news and bad news

Postby Emrys » Sat Sep 01, 2007 8:09 pm

The good news is that is completely up to date.

As well as all the original articles, you'lll also find:
  • Plans for a wagon which Paul Napier reckons is crying out to be regauged to 15"
  • A pictoral tour of Giles Barnabe's Futtocks End layout (I was just in time for ExpoNG :-))
The bad news is that is completely up to date. That's "completely" as in "nothing left in the 'Pending' folder".

So who's going to be next to submit their layout, model, hint or tip? Don't worry about forming an orderly queue, my mailbox will easily handle a surge of submissions.

Hmm ... surge of submissions. I like the alliteration there.
Emrys Hopkins

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