(M) Italeri Truck Accessories - Modern Details

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(M) Italeri Truck Accessories - Modern Details

Postby JT Previa » Sat Dec 05, 2009 7:34 pm

1:24 Italeri Modern Truck Accessories No. 720

Ideal for the thoroughly-modern miniaturist. I've seen various references to this kit in threads, so I figured I would post some photos to give a better idea of the guts of the kit (the Italeri website has individual sprue photos of some kits, but I don't think this one).

A huge box of truck parts and three contemporary figures (two are wearing Birkenstocks!) The box photo is posed on the seat of a chair, this is not a mini box of parts like the Italeri or Tamiya military accessories.


Two gray and one clear and one chrome sprue plus a large sheet of decals, including some ladies. That's an HO track with my modern critter above a 6" metal rule for scale.


Details like deck plate in chrome (bling!), various tools and truck parts including a few large boxes/cases and air tanks


There's probably enough material here to build an entire critter body!

I see that Gerry B made a nice one with many parts from this kit:


I'll try and tack the figures together for a photo shoot.

Italieri makes a (new?) Truck Accessories II kit which includes a much desired hydraulic truck crane.
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chris krupa
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Postby chris krupa » Sun Dec 06, 2009 7:40 am

One of the things about this set is that the box art doesn't entirely represent the contents. In particular, one of the heads comes with a baseball cap, not two out of three bare heads as depicted. I have built a bald skull on one of mine but it is extra work. I have also moved the arms and legs of most of them. The great beauty of this set is that the figures are so easy to build and rebuild and at a very reasonable cost. Virtually every bit is interchangeable with parts of the other figures.

Other very useful things here are the headlamps - more that I'm going to use in a very long time and details like the fire extinguisher. Even the transfers have provided details although personally I don't currently anticipate using the female figures.

Yes, a very good set if used with care.


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