Meeting Report - 23rd March '11

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Dave Westall
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Meeting Report - 23rd March '11

Postby Dave Westall » Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:59 pm

Barry brought along the new baseboard, and it's support, for Ralph's 'Smythies Yard' so as to allow the layout to be extended to 16 feet in length. :D
After a discussion it was decided to make the cliff face at the RH end of the present 12ft layout redundant rather than move it to the end of the new 4th board.
Ralph has a couple of buildings from an earlier layout and these will now be adapted for use on the 4th board. This will give the layout a more balanced look.
Various track-plans were discussed but nothing was decided. Ideas are now being posted backwards and forwards.

Ralph is already busy laying brick-slips :!:
May your wheels never rust.

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Rockley Bottom
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Postby Rockley Bottom » Sat Apr 09, 2011 7:30 am

I have just about finished the bricking of the chimney which I made originally for the gararge railway. It is a scaled up Hornby kit. the brick papers were enlarged to 1:24 scale. To match the aquaduct I am covering the chimney in brick slips. As a matter of interest, the chimney is 24 inches tall plus the boiler house which is also about 4 inches tall and will need bricks adding as a cover.

So far the chimney has taken 4 slips for the wiidth of one side. the bond on the chimney is a row of headers and then a row of streachers. It needs about 7.5 rows to cover an inch. the chimney has eight sides. this works out as ....4X8X7.5X24=5750 slips. more bricks and slips are used on the chimney cap. So the total will be near 6,000.

Will post pictures when grouted.
Regards Ralph

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