Amalgamated Munitions and Particle Beam Weapons

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Amalgamated Munitions and Particle Beam Weapons

Postby lesmond » Wed Dec 25, 2019 10:59 am

I've become taken with micro layouts. There. I said it. The weight is lifted :D .

Heresies at present include an N gauge "plank", and an HOf cake box. There was talk on NGRM Online of a lovely laser cut box containing clementines to be found in Aldi which would make the base of a very small micro layout, and a few people (Bob Hughes being one) have made lovely models using similar boxes. Sadly in benighted Northern Ireland we don't have Aldi shops, so no box for me. Or so I thought...

The local Spar were last week selling a box of clementines for £2.50. Not admittedly a laser cut box, but a nice size all the same. I bought one, and started to think what I could build in it. A "tuning fork" with a single point and a fiddle stick seems to be the answer, although a variant of "Carl's Imports" from here: ... uts-boxes/

with a higher level, separate, line (Gn15?) might be in order.

As most of these smaller. box layouts seem to represent market gardens, estate lines (not that there's anything at all wrong with that) and the like, I thought that something a bit different might be in order. Everyone* likes a death ray, so after some thought I came up with "Amalgamated Munitions and Particle Beam Weapons" :shock: .

I have a couple of Gnine locomotives and some rolling stock ready for the stalled "C Rapper & Sons", as well as a 009 point and some track, so expense will be minimal. The "munitions" part of it will be some lead castings which look awfully like b*llets painted to look like artillery shells.

I'm planning to build it on a scrap piece of foamcore (always keep in with your local sign making firm) and use the box to keep it all in.

Photos to follow, after all it is Christmas day.


*me, mainly
"Because I Can"

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Re: Amalgamated Munitions and Particle Beam Weapons

Postby PeterH » Sun Dec 29, 2019 7:41 am

I’m expecting this to go with a bang.

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